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What We Do

At Wall Street Wellness, we are a group of independent providers that come together with a common goal:

Provide mental health and wellness services to help you to live your best life



Our providers offer a broad range of therapeutic options to include EMDR and group sessions. Insurance and self-pay rates vary by provider and service.

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Medication Management

In addition to therapy, our providers offer psychotropic medication options for the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar and ADHD

Zen Stones

Massage Therapy

When you've experienced trauma, physical touch can be anything but therapeutic. Trauma informed massage therapy provides a safe environment to heal your physical and mental health

Get to Know Us

Amber Gates, FNP, PMHNP

Curantis Wellness

Amber brings a background of family practice as well as psychiatry to provide a holistic treatment plan that meets your goals.


In addition to medication management, now offering IV hydration and nutrient services. Mobile to your home, office or hotel. Or come visit us at our office and receive a massage or chiropractic care in one location.

Rick D. Velez, LCSW, CAS


Take Five Therapy

Take Five Therapy is a private practice in Colorado developed by Rick D. Velez devoted to veterans of recent conflicts, active duty military personnel, and their families. Why is it called Take Five Therapy? Because no matter what the situation may be, you can stop for five minutes before you do anything to find a way to a better outcome.


MonuMental Therapy Group

Monumental Therapy Group is a mental health private practice. We have several clinicians specializing in marriages, families, military, teens, and individuals, serving clients in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. As your therapists, it is our priority to create a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes growth and positive change, for you. We look forward to working with you to address your challenges and realize your goals. Therapy is a process that can move you toward being the healthiest version of yourself and living the life you desire.

Alabaster Healingworks


Whether you are coming to receive rest and down-regulation of your nervous system or you have specific needs for neuromuscular massage, I am here to help. Some modalities I offer are Swedish, prayer-centered therapy, Trigger point therapy, cupping, Hot Stone, prenatal and postpartum, and I will soon be Trauma Touch Certified

Laura Bernsberg, LMT, CNMT

Christie Emery

Christie brings heart, wisdom and a listening ear along with a desire to create healthy loving marriages and families to all of her coaching sessions.

She coaches couples of all backgrounds and traditions, offering creative and contemporary strategies using Gottman techniques for marriage education and coaching.  

Marriage often isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t perfect  but it can be wonderful!

Spiral Life Coaching


More Providers and Services Coming Soon!


Where To Find Us

6475 Wall Street
Suite 150
Colorado Springs 80918

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